Clinical Care Network Feedback Survey

The counselling services provided by the NSW Rape Crisis Centre aim to provide a well integrated and coordinated response to survivors of sexual, family or domestic violence.

NSW Rape Crisis Centre is constantly seeking feedback from all services with whom we have contact. Your feedback will help us to improve our services to our clients and to improve working relationships with other services.

The survey is completely voluntary and can be completed anonymously, however we would appreciate if you could give some indication of where you work. The survey will take approximately five minutes to complete.

About Your Service (Optional)

1. Where do you work? (Please tick one that best describes your service):

About You (Optional)

2. What is your profession? (please tick one):

3. How many years experience have you had in this profession? (please tick one):

About the Clinical Care Network Process

4. How was the process of obtaining client consent to consult? (please tick one):

Please explain
Any suggestions for improving this process?
5. How was the process of consulting with NSW Rape Crisis Centre Staff? (Please select the number that best indicates your response)
a) How accessible were NSW Rape Crisis Centre staff to you?
b) How helpful did you feel your contact with the NSW Rape Crisis Centre counselling service was?
c) How much contact did you have with the NSW Rape Crisis Centre counselling service?
d) How professionally respected did you feel during your contact(s) with the staff of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre?
What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in your contact with NSW Rape Crisis Centre staff?
6. What were the outcomes of the Clinical Care Network for your client?

a) What were the positive outcome(s) for your client?
b) What were the negative outcome(s) for your client?
c) Overall (please tick one):
7. What indicators or measures do you use to gauge client outcomes?
8. Is there any feedback that you would like to provide us that will help us to improve our service and the process of developing Clinical Care Networks with other agencies / professionals?
9. Any other comments?
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